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We are a Geotechnology company specialized in the use of drones -also known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) - to perform services in Remote Sensing.

Through the use of specific sensors coupled to fixed wing aircrafts and multirotor aircrafts, some of which were developed by our own team, we acquire high resolution images and generate final products with exactness, precision and accuracy compatible with the purpose of the surveying.

We provide solutions in the areas of:

Remote sensing

It is the science that involves the acquisition of data and measurements about a target or phenomenon on the Earth's surface through sensors that are not in physical contact with the object under investigation.


Aerophotogrammetry can be defined as the technique of acquiring information from physical objects and the environment through measurements and interpretations extracted from photographs taken from sensors coupled to an aerial platform.

GIS, Geoprocessing and Digital Cartography

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) make it possible to perform geographical space analysis by integrating data from several sources through a georeferenced database. GIS associated processes can be classified into: geographical database management, spatial analysis and cartographic production. Geo Vant integrates Geoprocessing techniques for the creation of base maps, thematic maps and geoinformation in general, where all stages undergo strict quality control in order to meet the objectives requested by the client.

Associations and Certifications

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