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What is a UAV / RPA?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (RPA), are small aircrafts capable of flying automatically. Through programming by flight controllers and their embedded inertial and GNSS systems, these aircrafts perform all stages of an aerial survey; takeoff, data collection from the coupled sensor, and landing, without the need for human intervention in the process. The UAVs are classified into two models: Fixed Wings and Multirotors. Geo Vant develops customized models in both categories.


Fixed Wings

Fixed wing (aircraft-like) models are most commonly used for surveying large and medium-sized areas of the earth's surface, as they have greater flight autonomy, higher sensor load capacity, and greater stability. Due to the characteristics of these models, Geo Vant uses this type of aircraft to perform Aerophotogrammetry and Mapping services, mainly in the areas of Precision Agriculture, Environment, Mining, Topography and Cadastre.



Multirotor models are aircrafts with multiple rotors arranged around their bodies  with the characteristics of taking off and landing vertically, besides hovering in the air. They are very versatile models, that can load the most diverse sensors, but with less autonomy of flight. Geo Vant uses these aircrafts for several types of Aerophotogrammetry and Mapping services in the areas of Environment, Mining and general planialtimetric surveys, but its greater applicability is in the area of ​​Inspection.



Geo Vant uses the most modern and efficient Optical Sensors coupled to the aircrafts and we are always in constant update of the equipment.

We have RGB Cameras, Multispectral Cameras and Thermal Cameras. For the use of the latter, we have the certificate of registration issued by the Brazilian Army. Proper use of the sensor type will depend on the purpose of the survey and what information will be extracted to generate the final product for the customer.

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